Joint All-Domain Global Moving Target Indication Special Meeting

Starts:  Mar 26, 2024 08:00 (ET)
Ends:  Mar 27, 2024 17:00 (ET)
Associated with  MORS Community

The objective of the MORS Joint All-Domain Global Moving Target Indication (MTI) Special Meeting is to foster collaboration within the military operations research and planning communities in the development of methods to take advantage of all-domain MTI data sources and address challenges. This is your opportunity to effect change through identification of MTI challenges, state-of-the-art approaches, procedures and techniques for MTI consumers, and sharing emerging MTI solutions to hard problems. 

The MORS has a role in defining how future MTI information will be used to defend the nation’s interests. Evaluation of the new joint requirements for MTI that are driving this transformation presents a great opportunity for timely and accurate national security analysis contributions to this effort.

We invite operations research practitioners, MTI consumers, MTI producers and decision makers to support the discussion around integration of MTI from space. 


Institute for Defense Analyses
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