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DLA Supply Chain Simulator and the DARPA Lagrange Program

Dr. Tuhin Sahai (tuhin.sahai@rtx.com)

Raytheon Technologies Research Center


The Lagrange program sought to develop new mathematical approaches to optimization problems in uncertain, dynamic, multiscale, and high-dimensional settings.  By bridging methodologies developed for both discrete and continuous optimizations, Lagrange developed to enable solutions for complex, realistic problems that involve dynamic environments, rapidly changing requirements, and increasing or decreasing amounts of information.


Dr. Sahai led a successful transition effort from Lagrange to develop a supply chain simulator for DLA.  This simulator allows: 


  • Analysis of order delivery delays by customer, item, and time
  • Identification of why delays occur (e.g., shipping schedule, or the stock on hand, or containerization point throughput)
  • Understanding of network utilization (e.g., are some warehouses relatively unused? How much throughput of the containerization points being utilized?)
  • Optimization of inventory policy parameters


Tuhin Sahai is a Fellow at Raytheon Technologies.  He received his PhD in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics from Cornell University (2002-2007).  


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