Cyber Community Meeting

When:  Mar 22, 2023 from 12:00 to 13:00 (ET)
Associated with  MORS Community

Join the Cyber Community on 22 March at 1200 ET! Our speaker will be Bill Platte presenting, "Conducting Analytics on Real-World Data Using Digital Twin Technology."


Using current and relevant datasets is a crucial aspect of conducting an operationally relevant analysis of the Information Environment (IE). Leveraging Publicly Available Information (PAI) in today's digital world is essential because much of the intelligence required by organizations is readily available. PAI provides a wealth of open-source intelligence (OSINT) that serves as the foundation for numerous intelligence products across the entire intelligence community for analysis.


DarkStax information operations component employs advanced algorithms to extract content and data from selected websites in real-time, which is a critical step in conducting efficient analysis. This data is then brought into Darkstax Input-Output (IO) platform, allowing end-users to conduct in-depth analytics using our data-to-decision (D2D) tools within minutes. Furthermore, the D2D capability features tailorable filters, word search, and geofence capabilities, enabling users to continually refine their analysis and avoid subjective analysis and unnecessary data. The outputs generated from this analysis provide an ongoing assessment of the IE using advanced analytical and decision support capabilities that leverage innovative algorithms, high-end computing power, and Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML) to identify and predict threats, vulnerabilities, and opportunities in the IE. Essentially, Darkstax IO serves as the commander's single "place" to access critical intelligence in support of operational objectives.”


Bill Platte currently serves as the VP of Business Development and Product Service Delivery for Ad hoc Research. He previously served as the Senior Director of Business Development for BAE Systems (National Cyber Range Complex or NCRC and the High Performance Computing Modernization Program Integrated Technical Services or HITS-U) and Vice President of Modeling and Simulation for Metova Federal (ByLight-Persistent Cyber Training Environment or PCTE) developing and managing cyber training, experimentation, testing and analysis for new and existing clients. He works with Department of Defense (DoD), Academia, and Commercial entities across the globe to develop range capabilities to enhance cyber readiness with a concentration in delivering high fidelity, user-defined, user-operated, cross functional cyber and electronic warfare range capabilities. He is considered an expert in the field of operationalizing cyberspace operations for warfighter training and experimentation. He also has served as the Project Manager for BAE Systems Independent Research and Development (IRAD) Cyber Range, Program Manager of the Cyber Battle Lab Fort Gordon, GA, Program Manager Maneuver Battle Lab Fort Benning, GA, Program Manager for Maneuver Support Battle Lab Fort Leonardwood, MO, and Program Manager of the Risk Management Framework for Naval Postgraduate School, CA.

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