Dr. Fred Bowden

Australian Department of Defence

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Australian Department of Defence


I completed my Bachelor of Science at Murdoch University majoring in mathematics and physics and joined DST in 1990. While working for DST I completed a first class honours degree and PhD in Applied Mathematics at The University of Adelaide. The focus of my work in the 90s was looking at military command and control systems.

I spent late 2001 to early 2003 on a Defence Science Fellowship with the RAND Corporation in Washington DC working conducting NCW and C2 analysis.

On returning from RAND I led the analysis conducted by DST for the Army Experimental Framework until 2017. In this he has lead the analysis of many of the analytical campaigns supporting Army Experimentation.

I currently lead DSTs Combined Arms Simulation Group which uses closed loop combat simulations to better understand the impact of capability decisions on operational effectiveness.

I received the DST Morry Frost Award for Excellence in Defence Operations Research in 2014.

My research interests are broad and include topics such as the validity of solutions to wicked problems, the application of wargaming and simulation for analysis, the advancement of multi-method approaches to analysis, trans-disciplinary teams, metrics for assessing military forces, aggregation of metrics and building of analytical campaigns.​​​