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A List of Term Paper Topic Ideas

Term Paper Topic Ideas on Tourism Hospitality Services

  • American National Parks.
This undergraduate paper is brief general discussion on the American National Parks. It describes the physical environment, climate/weather, vegetation and land cover, the kind of landscapes some parks have and what physical process formed this landscape and what physical processes may still continue to alter the form of these parks.

Term Paper Topic Ideas on Theology and Religion Studies

  • Anointing as Transgressive and as Worship: A Brief Exegesis Approach to John 12:1-11 and Mark 14:3-9

This undergraduate paper takes an exegetical study approach, comparing John 12:1-11 and Mark 14:3-9 in their descriptions of Jesus's anointing.

  • Augustine's Philosophy: An Analysis of Utopia in The City of God

Choosing this topic for an essay writing a writer examines Saint Augustine’s philosophy as expressed in The City of God. The author explains Augustine’s responses to efforts to establish utopia on earth, analyzes his discussion of pagan motivations, the limits of pagan philosophy, the duties of Christians in the earthly city, and other related philosophical and religious issues. In the process, he discusses Augustine’s views of aspirations for earthly utopia in the context of Christian theology and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

  • Augustine's Understanding of the City of God and the City of Man.

Saint Augustine presented the idea that faith and understanding (in the broad and narrow senses) go hand in hand. Because of this, his teachings were that to understand life, one must have faith, and to have faith, one must pursue an understanding of life. Augustine has proved to be one of the most influential thinkers in European and western history. While still a teenager, Augustine converted, became a priest, then the leader of the Church in North Africa, and, before he became Bishop and his writing career was virtually choked off, Augustine was a prolific producer of scriptural scholarly works. The City of God, which was written between the years 413 and 426, was Augustine's response to the criticism leveled at Christianity by the pagans after they had sacked Rome in 410. This work represents Augustine's most significant contribution to Western religious thought and, like many personalized texts, takes on the Aristotelian method of posing questions to the self in an argumentative fashion and systematically refuting and explaining away each.

Term Paper Topic Ideas on Urban Studies

  • An Analysis of Economic Forecasting for the Housing Markets in America.

This paper will focus on the forecast for the housing industry in America. By understanding the situations of the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center, we can see how this has affected the housing market, and what is being done to help booster the sales of housing. By learning about the present conditions in the economy, we can see how this is affected by the general scope of spending that is currently being made in United States economy. These factors will be discussed within this study on the future of housing markets. 

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