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Meaning of Operations Research:

Attempts to define O.R. have been relatively unsuccessful, because the whole field cov­ered by it is so new that the scope and limits are still not fully known. The American Encyclopedia of Management defines O.R. as “the quantitative study of an organisation in action car­ried out in order to find ways in which its functions can be improved.” If any writer is required by you to write my paper for me on Military Operations Research than find best writers on the web.

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Another definition is that “O.R. is the application of specific methods, tools and techniques to operations of system with optimum solution to the problems”. The Operations Research Society of America has offered a short definition, i.e., operations research is concerned with scientifically deciding how best to design and operate man-machine systems, usually under conditions requiring the allocation of scarce resources.” If you are in search for someone to write my essay on Military Operations Research than writing service online is the best decision.

According to Morse and Kimball, “O.R. is a scientific method of providing executive departments with a quantitative basis for decisions under their control.” In the words of H.M. Wagub, “O.R. is a scientific approach to problems solving for executive management.”

Churchman, Ackoff and Arnoff state that “O.R. is the application of scientific methods, tech­niques and tools to problems involving the operations of a system so as to provide those in control of the system with optimum solution to the problem.”

On the basis of the above definitions, the following are the characteristics of O.R.:

(i) O.R. takes the totality view of a problem so that relationships can be established among all the factors related with the problem,

(ii) O.R. is the application of mathematical techniques which require the use of electronic gadgets,

(iii) Its approach is quantitative, hence the quality aspect of a problem cannot be analyzed by O.R. method,

(iv) O.R. is basically an optimization process—optimize the achievement of the objective. Thus the objective should be clear, precise and well-defined. Do process this words to minutes converter application to count articulations of your Military Operations Research essay.

The O.R. differs from other management sciences in two of its unique features. Firstly, O.R. involves an inter-disciplinary team approach. As modern science has become more and more complex, there has been growing tendency to use mixed teams of physicists, mathemati­cians, biologists, engineers, economists, psychologists and other specialized persons.

Secondly, O.R’s approach is wholistic, i.e. while evaluating any decision or action in an organization, the important interactions and their impact on the whole organization against the functions origi­nally involved are reviewed. An essay writing service pocesses pros to write paper on Military Operations Research.


The O.R. utilizes the scientific method and attempts to find the best or optimal solution to the problem under consideration. It provides objective measure of effectiveness based upon quantitative data from the particular operation studied, rather than recommendations and opinions drawn from generalized experience.

Further, O.R. tries to find out the optimum solution taking all the factors into account. In the modern society, these factors are numerous and expressing them in quantity and establishing relationships among these require huge calculations. All these calculations cannot be handled manually, but require electronic computers which bear very heavy cost. If you read this article totally you won't need to demand that anyone do my paper on Military Operations Research.