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Becoming A Responsible Emotional Support Dog Parent

Emotional Support Animals or ESAs have increased over the decade, more so as the awareness about mental health has risen. People with mental difficulties find it helpful to be around their pets for their support. Dogs are not only the most popular pets around but people prefer them more as ESAs over other animals. Pet dogs provide their pet parents with affection and attention that helps people cope with their  Mental disorders.

You can make your pet dog your esa dog by applying for an ESA letter. A licensed mental health specialist will prescribe the pet-parent the letter after assessing him or her. This assessment will be in the form of online sessions or person to person sessions. There are various online services that can provide you ESA letter services by matching you up with a mental health specialist who assesses using questionnaires and assessments.

What makes for an ideal emotional support dog?

The ideal emotional support dog will be the perfect companion to you, providing you with support when you need it and giving you the attention and affection that you require. For the ESA to perform its supporting duties it has to be healthy both mentally and physically. A dog that is provided plenty of exercise, a good diet, and attention will always be active and happy, which will cheer you up and improve your bond with your pet. 

Responsibilities of the ESA parent

There are several things that the ESA pet parent can do to make sure that their pet animal is happy and content. This helps the pet-parent in return as the furry friend will be better equipped in supporting them when their needs are met. The handler is further responsible for how the pet behaves as the pair represent not just themselves but the entire ESA community. Any bad behavior on their part or on the pet’s part will reflect upon the entire ESA community. 

To become a responsible ESA handler you should keep in mind the following things:

  • Choose the right pet dog for yourself

Choosing the right dog breed is crucial to how your pet experience will pan out. Get a pet that matches your lifestyle: one that has the energy level that you can expend through exercise, a dog that fits the size of your living space, one that is easily trainable, and loves companionship. Doing your research will help you find the right breed.

  • Train your dog to become obedient and sociable

Training your dog can make your life easier. The effort that you put in will benefit your manifolds when you have an obedient and sociable adult dog, especially for ESAs. Through training, they will easily adapt to new environments (e.g. while traveling with you by air) and will remain under your control. 

  • Spend quality time with your pet dog

Try to take out time daily to give your full attention to your pet animal. This can be through activity or just hanging around with it. This will help you improve your bond with the pet and will increase its affection towards you.

  • Renew your ESA letter annually and keep it with you during traveling

Many airlines don’t accept emotional support dog letter that is more than a year old. You should renew your letter by going through the same process of getting it as a prescription. You should also keep it with you during traveling and when every landlord demands it. 

  • Inform the airline carrier about your intention to fly with your ESA

To allow for the airline carrier and its crew to adjust the searing according to the onboard pet, you should inform them in advance. This helps them provide you the best seating for you and your pet, while also ensuring no other passenger gets disturbed by the presence of an ESA dog. 

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