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History of Military Operations Research:

Operations Research encompasses a methodology and a set of techniques derived from the physical sciences and mathematics with an objective of im­proving the quality of managerial decisions.

As compared to decision-making done on decision­-maker’s previous experience and intuition in the past, operations research facilitates the com­parison of complicated alternatives and encourages rational decision-making based on the best available approaches and techniques. In case you are novice you can in like manner pay for essay to get essay formed on Military Operations Research.

Operations research came into existence during World War II, when the British and the American military management called upon a group of scientists with diverse educational back­ground, namely, physics, biology, mathematics, psychology etc. to apply a scientific approach to deal with strategic and tactical problems of various military operations.


The purpose was to determine the effectiveness of specific operations and to devise methods for improving the use of weapons.

The first such deliberate resort to science was concerned with how to set a time fuse of a bomb to be dropped from an aircraft onto a submarine. The team of scientists to whom the problem was handed, succeeded in evolving the right formula. However , An essay writer have the quaity to write essays on Military Operations Research.

But this was not the solitary instance. The scientists improved the effectiveness of several combat operations and their ser­vices were demanded in many countries to discuss the improvement in war strategies and weap­ons. Hence the name operations research or O.R. came directly from the context in which it was used and developed, viz. research on military operations.

After the war ended, O.R. received more and more civilian attention as the possibilities of its application to industry, business and non-military aspects of government became apparent. With the entry of government into business the study in Public Administration has acquired significance. In non-business activities of the government also, the methods of Operations Re­search can be gainfully utilized.

In India, O.R. came into existence in 1949 with the opening of an operations research unit at the Regional Research Laboratory, at Hyderabad and also in the Defence Science Laboratory which devoted itself to the problems of stores, purchase and planning. paper writing service can write best essays on Military Operations Research for you.

For national planning and survey, an O.R. unit was established in 1953 at the Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta. In 1957, O.R. Society of India was formed. Many Universities and Institutions in India accord specializa­tion in operations research. Organised industries, government and others are gradually becom­ing conscious of its role in decision-making.

It may also be mentioned that in the study of public administration where human factor is more involved O.R. has a limited use because O.R. provides solution only when all the elements related to a problem can be quantified. The tangible factors such as price, product, etc. can be expressed in terms of quantity, but intangible factors such as human relations cannot be quanti­fied. You can Choose a writer online to demand to write my essay on Military Operations Research.