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Techniques Used in Operations Research:

O.R. uses mostly the techniques used in mathematics and statistics. These techniques are probability theory, game-theory, queuing theory, replacement theory, network analysis, linear programming, non-linear programming, stochastic programming, dis­crete programming and dynamic programming. Of these, we may briefly describe the game- theory and queuing theory. Just to remind you that you can use transition words and phrases in your essay when writing essay on Military Operations Research.

Game-theory is concerned with a type of decision problem characterized by conflict or competition among two or more competitors, e.g. union leaders and management. The objective of the game-theory is to develop rational criteria for selecting a strategy. You can moreover pay someone to write my paper if you are an understudy of Military Operations Research.

This is done under the assumption that each player (parties to the conflicts) is rational. The problem is how to make decisions in a conflict or competitive situation. Game theory provides a systematic quantitative method for analyzing conflict situations in which the competitors make use of logical processes and techniques in order to determine an optimal strategy for winning. Look at write my paper on online and you will find bewildering writers to write regarding this matter.


The queuing theory, also known as waiting line theory involves the mathematical studies of queues or waiting line. This theory uses mathematical techniques to balance the cost of waiting lines versus the costs of preventing lines by increased services. Since it is frequently impossible to predict when units will arrive to seek service, it becomes difficult to determine the quantity of service facilities.

Providing too much service facilities would involve excessive costs. On the other hand, not providing enough service facilities would cause the waiting line to be­come excessively long at a time. Excessive waiting is also costly in the form of lost customers, or the capacity to become idle at some time. If you have to hier a writer to write essay for me on Military Operations Research , find writers onine.

Therefore, the ultimate goal is to achieve an economic balance between the cost of service and the cost associated with waiting for that service. Such situations are common in banks, post-offices, booking-offices, aero planes waiting for the runway to be cleared. Should more banks or post-offices or booking offices be opened or runways constructed to provide service facility to those waiting for it?

In each such case, the objective of the queuing theory is to determine the capacity of the service facility in the light of the relevant costs and the characteristics of the demand pattern so that the sum of all costs associated with the waiting line system will be minimized.

It may be noted that queuing theory itself does not directly solve the problem of fixing appropriate level of service facilities but it does contribute vital information required for such decision by predicting various characteristics of the waiting line. Have you ever mentioned that a writer write my essay on Military Operations Research, if not look at it for Military Operations Research essay.